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When God set this globe spinning on its axis and sent it on its yearly course around the sun, accompanied by its smaller attendant, the moon, He decreed that these heavenly bodies should govern the earth’s day and night, and, further, that they should be “for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years” (Genesis ).Thus time is measured for the earth by these motions.The harmony of the time statements in the Scripture strengthens our confidence in the accuracy of the inspired Word, but chronology is not essential to salvation.That is evidently why God did not see fit to fill in all the details of chronology.For “God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night” (Genesis 1:5).As we, on any given spot on this spinning globe, are carried eastward, out of the sunlight and into the shadow, we say that the sun is setting in the west.The ancients needed no clocks to tell them when they passed the boundary line between day and night—sunrise began the day and sunset ushered in the night. Therefore a day in the calendar is measured by one complete rotation of the earth on its axis, including a day and a night. Each full day ran evening-morning, dark-light, night-day (Leviticus ; 22:6, 7; Mark , 32).Also certain other ancient peoples, like the Babylonians, began their day at sunset, although the Egyptians counted from sunrise.

And despite the difficulty in determining the precise length of the year, the veriest savage can tell its passage by the cycle of the seasons, marked by unmistakable signs.Wherever this record can be adequately tested, it stands revealed as trustworthy history.Its time statements are not haphazard or fanciful, but harmonious and reasonable.The Week Not Marked by Nature.—Only the week, measured by divine command, has no landmark.The three independent celestial motions—the daily rotation of our globe on its axis, the monthly circuit of the earth by the moon, and the yearly revolution of earth and moon about the sun—mark off our time, but there is no astronomical cycle connected with the seven-day week.

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